Journal to be launched in the autumn – called Canine Genetics and Epidemiology – hopes to attract influential research papers from around the world and boasts an “impressive international editorial board”.

The Kennel Club (KC) is to launch a new online journal for specific research into canine genetics and epidemiology.

The Kennel Club says its hopes the journal will attract research papers from around the world.Called Canine Genetics and Epidemiology (CGE) – which will be launching in the autumn – the journal, says the club, will boast an “impressive international editorial board“, including:

  • Jerold Bell from Tufts University in the US;
  • Hannes Lohi from the University of Helsinki, Finland;
  • David Brodbelt and Brian Catchpole from the Royal Veterinary College; and
  • Claire Wade from the University of Sydney.

It will be edited by Bill Ollier from the University of Manchester and Jeff Sampson, KC genetics consultant, and hopes to attract influential research papers from around the world.

According to the KC, CGE is to be published independently and will be peer-reviewed, publishing original research as well as reviewing articles relating to all aspects of canine genetics and epidemiology. It will also be open access, enabling a wide, global audience.

Meanwhile, each article will have a lay summary and key take home messages, which will aim to disseminate research to all interested parties including scientists, vets, dog breeders and owners.

Mr Sampson said: “This is something we are very passionate about, and something we have been developing for some time. The significant research taking place in the field of canine genetics deserves a standalone journal, where those interested can instantly find articles and research papers on subjects.

“Ultimately, we hope the journal will be instrumental in moving forward the health of canines and consolidating research.”

Head of canine genetics at the Animal Health Trust and editorial board member Cathryn Mellersh said: “The current field of canine genetics and epidemiology is an extremely dynamic and exciting discipline to be a part of, but it is vitally important that all canine stakeholders, and not just scientists, can access, understand and, ultimately, implement the findings from all this research.

“A key, and unique, feature of CGE is its aim to make research findings accessible to veterinarians, dog breeders and owners, as well as scientists. I believe this aim will set CGE apart from other journals in the sector, and means CGE will play a central role in disseminating the research riches that the dog provides.”

The journal is accepting submissions now and will address genetic, genomic and epidemiological research in both domestic and wild canids, relating to breed and species diversity, and canine evolution. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, you can visit the journal’s website or email

Visit CGE online for more information.

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