Vetswest, a leading UK veterinary support services provider, has been acquired by MWI Veterinary Supply – a part of AmerisourceBergen and the leading animal health distribution company in the United States.

Chris Sobey, who becomes the new managing director of Vetswest

AmerisourceBergen is one of the United States’ wealthiest companies, with more than US$120 billion (£78 billion) in annual revenue and ranked sixteenth on the country’s prestigious Fortune 500 list.

The agreement allows MWI to expand the range of services it offers to the animal health profession in the UK. MWI already owns Centaur, a leading wholesaler of animal health products in the UK, as well as VetSpace, a premier provider of practice management software to veterinary practices, principally in the UK.

Vetswest offers group business support services for its 235 member veterinary practices including negotiating manufacturer terms and a proprietary IT system that supports pricing intelligence, inventory information and reporting on purchasing activity.

In addition, Vetswest provides access to ancillary services for veterinarians to help manage human resources, continuing professional development, insurance offerings, pension services and other areas that support the growth of member practices.

Chris Sobey, who will become the new managing director of Vetswest following his tenure as Vetswest’s business development director, said: “Our goal has always been to improve efficiencies and services for our members through scale and with our new relationship with MWI and AmerisourceBergen, we will be well positioned to further this core mission of our organisation.’’

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