A vet who was presented with a dog that had swallowed a kebab stick has got in touch after reading about a similar case in Veterinary Times.

X-rays confirmed the Labrador retriever cross had swallowed an 8in metal skewer.

Clive Lloyd – of Beaumont Veterinary Centre in Pinhoe, Exeter – contacted vettimes.co.uk’s print counterpart after reading a recent news article about a rescue dog that swallowed a pack of chicken satay kebabs on sharp wooden skewers.

Case presentation

Dr Lloyd said: “I was presented one Saturday evening with a 40kg Labrador retriever cross that the owner thought might have swallowed a kebab stick.

“The dog seemed very bright, but on sedation and x-ray, we discovered an 8in metal stick that appeared to be partly in the stomach and partly in the oesophagus.

“We progressed to full general anaesthetic and endoscopy, which confirmed our suspicions and I managed to remove the object using the endoscope – which was not easy when all I had to work on was a pointed end.

“The intriguing thing is the owner said it had a full complement of food on it when it went in, but there was no food left on it by the time I saw it.”

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