Vets Now is warning dog owners about the potentially toxic effects of wild mushrooms and is calling on owners in Lincolnshire to be particularly vigilant on walks and to check their gardens for mushroom growth regularly.

Vets Now Lincoln is issuing a warning to dog owners in Lincolnshire about the potential toxic effects of wild mushrooms. Vets Now is calling on dog owners to be particularly vigilant on walks and to check their gardens for wild mushroom growth regularly.

Wild mushrooms can be poisonous to dogs.During the period between August and November 2010, Vets Now Lincoln treated 9 dogs that showed signs of suspected wild mushroom poisoning. All of the dogs treated by Vets Now Lincoln had either ingested wild mushrooms, or showed identical clinical signs and had recently been in a garden or walked in a park or woodland area.

One of the dogs treated by Vets Now last September was a two-year old Staffordshire bull terrier called Spike. He had eaten wild mushrooms from his owner’s garden and was in a critical condition when he arrived in practice. After intensive care and treatment he went on to make a full recovery.

Spike the mushroom muncher is now back to his old self.Spike’s owner John Robinson said: “Spike had been playing in the garden when he suddenly took a turn for the worse. He started salivating profusely and was shaking.”

Lucy Barton, senior veterinary nurse at Vets Now in Lincoln, said: “We treated nine cases of suspected wild mushroom poisoning last year. The dogs all showed identical signs which included excessive salivation and a sudden onset of vomiting and diarrhoea. This is rapidly followed by collapse and severe dehydration, with the dog deteriorating into a hypothermic state.

We know how curious dogs can be so would urge dog owners to stay alert over the coming months when wild mushrooms are particularly prevalent. If your dog does start to show any of the aforementioned signs of mushroom toxin poisoning, then please contact your local veterinary practice for immediate advice.”

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