New vet school to host first meeting solely dedicated to equine endocrinopathies.

The University of Surrey’s new vet school is hosting what it calls the “first CPD meeting designed for equine practitioners with a sole focus on endocrinopathies”.

University of Surrey says its meeting is the first to be solely focused on endocrinopathies in horses.Taking place at the new school in Guildford on July 3 (2013), the meeting brings together experts in pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) and equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) and is, says the university, designed to “update interested practitioners on current thoughts” about both conditions, as there is “widespread clinical interest” in their role in laminitis cases.

Two experts in human obesity and metabolic syndrome will also be at the meeting, as analogies and contrasts are often made between the adverse health consequences of obesity in humans and horses.

The preliminary agenda is as follows:

08.30:    Registration
09.00:    Opening comments – Roberto La Ragione (University of Surrey and AHVLA)
09.10:    Epidemiology of PPID and EMS – Jo Ireland (Animal Health Trust)
09.45:    Laminitis: An endocrine or inflammatory disease? – Andy Durham (Liphook Equine Hospital)
10.20:    Pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome in humans – Martin Whyte/Bruce Griffin (Uni of Surrey)


11.30:    Can laboratory tests predict laminitis risk? – Andy Durham
12.00:    Update on laboratory diagnosis of PPID – David Rendle (Liphook Equine Hospital)
12.30:    Measuring and monitoring obesity in horses – Pat Harris (Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition)


14.00:    Treatment and management of metabolic syndrome in humans – Martin Whyte/Bruce Griffin
14.45:    Nutritional management of the laminitis-prone horse – Pat Harris


16.15:    Update on treatment and monitoring of PPID – David Rendle
16.50:    Medical aids in EMS – Andy Durham
17.30:    Closing comments

The meeting costs £125 to attend. For more information or to book, visit the University of Surrey’s website.

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