A good response from vets at the preview of SureFeed confirmed the benefits of a secure feeder for a multi-cat household, according to Judith Bank of SureFlap, the microchip pet product company.

She said: “The London Vet Show was the first opportunity we had to show vets prototypes of our new pet feeders and it was good to gain their input; many said that they had been waiting for such a product.”
The SureFeed, unveiled to the profession at LVS 2013, is available in two models: the SureFeed Pet Feeder, designed to keep food fresh and the kitchen free from the smell of wet food, and the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder which opens only when it identifies the correct owner of the food bowl from its microchip or RFID collar tag. The product will be available in early 2014.
Judith added: “Many of the vets remarked on the importance of restricting cats on special diets from eating each others food. Additionally, cats are territorial about their feeding areas and vets thought that nervous cats would appreciate the shields incorporated in the feeder that protect them when they eat.”
However, it wasn’t just cats that vets were interested in feeding… SureFlap ran a “Gourmet Giveaway” competition on its stand, which resulted in several happy winners: Caroline Collins of Pennard Vets won the star prize of a Michelin Star meal for two and Jessica Morgan of Blue Cross, Jessica Hagedorn of Molesey Vets, Susan Pescod of Guide Dogs for the Blind and Robin Holden of VetsNow all won restaurant vouchers.
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