A final year student is appealing to veterinary surgeons to take part in a research study as part of her dissertation.

IMAGE: © Freeimages/yarranz.
Charlotte Mousley is looking for veterinary surgeons to answer her questionnaire. IMAGE: © Freeimages/yarranz.

Charlotte Mousley is undertaking a BSC (Hons) degree in veterinary nursing at Hartpury College. She is inviting vets to take part in a study looking at owner awareness of dental diets as a preventive method for periodontal disease in dogs, by filling out a questionnaire.

In a direct appeal to vets, Charlotte said: “I will be investigating whether owners are aware of the benefits of using dental diets and whether they are aware of the importance of dental health in general.

“Your part is helping me to investigate your experiences of periodontal disease and the information you provide to your clients on how to prevent their dog getting periodontal disease.

“The questionnaire will also involve asking your preferences and knowledge on oral hygiene methods, in particular dental diets.

“The risks of participation are low and the benefits of participation are that your responses will help me to recognise how much information is provided to owners on oral hygiene for their dogs. It will help me clarify whether dental diets are widely used and whether, as a veterinary practice, you promote them and believe in their ability to maintain oral health.

“All information collected about you during the research will be kept securely with the researcher. Any information that enters the public domain will be anonymised so you cannot be recognised from it, unless you wish to be publicly acknowledged.

“Questionnaire data will be held, but information will be coded for anonymity. The results will be presented as my dissertation and a paper and electronic copy will be kept at Hartpury College. Additionally, I aim to publish the research in an appropriate journal.

“I hope you also gain something from taking part in my research questionnaire. I would be happy to share my final results with you if, as a practice, you are particularly interested in the research. Please only participate if you are a veterinarian.”

The survey can be found at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1nqSe5j9fg4JIHHF1CSJK3ehHzuuA8nNY93gYJb6_Z4Y/viewform?usp=send_form – to access it, you must log in to your Google account, or create one.

Alternatively, email Charlotte at charlotte.mousley@hartpury.ac.uk

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