SPVS president elect Iain Richards has issued a statement regarding the ITV Tonight programme “Pets Undercover”, featuring vet Marc Abraham.

In the statement, Mr Richards said SPVS did not agree with the central thrust of overcharging and unnecessary treatment and would agree with the statement made by the featured vet Mr Mark Abraham that “the vast majority of vets provide excellent value for money.”

SPVS president elect, Iain Richards

He said: “The level of service will vary from practice to practice and we would always advise practices to make clients fully aware of pricing and similarly advise clients to compare practices when choosing a vet.

“The programme raised several important points for clients to consider. The implication of the programme was that vets are taking advantage of clients by charging high fees for unnecessary treatment. Three animals were used all presenting with a vague history of being off food.

“However, we cannot comment on any of the treatments because we were unable to examine the animals ourselves. In general terms, an animal like a cat can be difficult to examine, as shown when the presenter himself was injured. Had a cat reacted in this manner when examined, it would be a reasonable conclusion that the animal was resenting handling or feeling pain which may need treatment.

“SPVS seeks to promote high standards in all aspects of veterinary work and it must be realised that medicine, be it human or animal, is an expensive commodity.”

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