The RCVS disciplinary committee (DC) has restored a Wirral-based vet to the register at his second attempt.

Ian Beveridge was removed from the register following a disciplinary hearing in May 2013, where he was found guilty of disgraceful conduct in a professional respect.

RCVS register 2015
DC chair Judith Way said Ian Beveridge had “satisfied the committee that he is fit to be restored to the register.”

The DC at the time found he had:

  • treated clients badly
  • kept inadequate clinical records
  • was dishonest in his dealings with the college
  • placed animals in his care at risk

Appeal withdrawn

Mr Beveridge was subsequently appealed to the Privy Council, but this was later withdrawn, resulting in his removal in March 2014.

He first applied to be restored to the register in 2015, but his application was refused – the DC of the time finding him unfit for restoration because, despite his removal, a veterinary medicines account of his had been used on an unauthorised basis to order POM-Vs, which reflected a “cavalier attitude to practice”.

The DC found also he had not fully accepted the committee’s original findings and had made inadequate effort in engaging in CPD.

At his second application to be restored on 1 November, Mr Beveridge apologised unreservedly for his failings and demonstrated he had made considerable progress in terms of CPD.

Previously ‘unblemished’

In considering issues of public protection, the DC said it accepted Mr Beveridge, until his original hearing, had an unblemished professional record and had run a successful small animal practice for more than 30 years, considering numerous client testimonials, as well as a petition signed by 600 clients from 2013.

The DC said it also considered there was no risk to the future welfare of animals in the event of Mr Beveridge being restored.

Chairing the DC, Judith Way said: “It is the judgement of the committee the conduct that resulted in the applicant’s name being removed from the register is unlikely to be repeated.

“The applicant has satisfied the committee that he is fit to be restored to the register.”

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