The 50th Glasgow Scout Group at The Roundhouse Vet Hospital.

A Scottish Scout group took an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of a veterinary hospital, providing an insight into the science and medicine involved in the profession.

As part of its contribution to science and medical education in the local community, The Pets’n’Vets Family – which has surgeries around Glasgow and surrounding areas – held the hands-on event at the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in the city’s Southside for the 50th Glasgow Scout Group, based in Cathcart.

Expanding horizons

A brief presentation on what factors vet surgeons consider when fixing broken legs was followed by an opportunity for the Scouts to fix virtual wooden broken legs with plates and screws in different ways. The Scouts, aided by vets Ross Allan and Calum Leitch, then tested their repairs to see which was strongest and stiffest – key factors vets consider when planning fracture repair.

Pets’n’Vets partner Ross Allan said: “As a former Scout, I really appreciate the opportunities the movement gave me to expand my horizons and gain practical skills that help me every day.

“I hope this visit will encourage a new generation of Scouts to consider the veterinary sector as a future career choice and help the Scouts see how simple science can help you understand more complex problems – a key skill in many jobs.”

Real world experience

Group Scout leader John Cunningham and assistant Scout leader Brian McMillan led the group’s visit.

Mr McMillan said: “The Scouts thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Roundhouse. Science and technology are part of our programme and giving the Scouts the opportunity to tour a modern vet practice and then involving them in repairing, testing and x-raying ‘fractures’ was an excellent, real-world application of this. Being able to do all this in our local community also fits well in our Scout ethos.”

Any community group interested in organising an educational event at the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital should telephone 0141 649 4949 or email for more details.

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