The BSAVA has announced the appointment of Dr Sally Everitt as Scientific Policy Officer. She joins Frances Barr as one of two highly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons working at Woodrow House HQ.

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) has announced the appointment of Dr Sally Everitt as scientific policy officer.

BSAVA scientific policy officer Sally Everitt.The newly created role is intended to support the officers and scientific committee and to ensure that BSAVA opinion and advice is not only based on the current best evidence, but useful and accessible to members working in practice, academia and industry.

Dr Everitt qualified from Bristol vet school in 1981 and spent most of her working life in small animal practice. She was introduced to the idea of evidence-based medicine in 1996 and became interested in how the some of these ideas could be introduced into the veterinary profession.

She became involved with the second generation SPVS/Middlesex University Masters’ group looking at clinical audit in veterinary practice, and subsequently undertook PhD research that examined the factors that influence clinical decision making in veterinary practice.

In taking on the role, Dr Everitt says she is keen to develop evidence-based resources for the veterinary profession and pet owning public. She said: “as an experienced practitioner I am aware of the constraints of first opinion practice. I hope that by developing evidence-based resources I can help our members make even more informed decisions about the care of their animal patients as BSAVA continues to develop its resources.

“My first job will be getting to grips with the astonishing amount of information already available from BSAVA, and of course getting to know the officers, volunteers and staff who make BSAVA what it is today.”

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