Eliminating problems with recall, aggression, stealing, digging,excessive barking and livestock is now made very much easier with thenew Halo Remote Spray Training System.

Halo embodies a special training collar that is designed to focus on rewarding desirable behaviour in dogs while providing a harmless, alcohol-free spray release to interrupt unwanted acts.

Its developers claim it allows dogs to be trained quickly, easily and gently, using the best psychological principles and sound training methods.

The system can be activated from up to 300m away in positive and negative modes using the custom designed remote control. It’s a kind and painless way of simplifying obedience training and interrupting unwanted behaviour.

Halo Remote Control Training has been extensively used and tested by leading dog trainer Chris Cole. “I highly recommend the Halo Remote Training collar as a safe and effective method to solve dogs’ behavioural problems using positive and negative reinforcement and harmless spray technology” he says.

Halo special features include the fact that it is completely waterproof and lightweight with a high volume reservoir and two-tone sound signalling system.

There are three spray durations and the spray itself is alcohol-free. The kit is complete with the Halo spray unit, remote control, adjustable collar, spray refill, batteries and instruction manual.

By concentrating on reinforcing and rewarding desirable behaviour, the dog should make faster progress, making it easier for both dog and trainer. The Halo system is currently offered with a FREE DVD worth £20.00 RRP and is available from Doggie Solutions on 0845 241 6897 or through visit www.doggiesolutions.co.uk

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