Charlie before, during and after his haircut (click to enlarge).

Images of a dog in desperate need of a haircut have been released by the RSPCA to remind owners of the importance of regular grooming.

The dog’s owner was unable to take him to a groomer and the 10-year-old cavalier King Charles spaniel – called Charlie – had also become obese.

Shockingly shaggy

The overly hirsute hound was taken to a groomer by RSPCA inspector Joe Burgess, who was shocked at how matted Charlie’s fur had become.

He said: “The dog’s owner – who absolutely dotes on him – was unable to take him to a groomer and he had also gotten obese.

“Basically, his hair got to the point that his owner was embarrassed to walk him, so he stayed indoors more. As a result of not going for walks, his claws grew really long to the point where he was not able to walk well without them being clipped.”

The RSPCA is now working with the owner to get Charlie back to health.

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