Global insurer RSA has made its first external investment in a financial technology company – Pitpatpet.

activity monitor
PitPat dog activity monitor.

The tech firm is creator of the PitPat dog activity monitor and dog care intelligence data platform. PitPat attaches quickly and securely to a dog’s collar and has more than a year of battery life.

Daily activity goal

Owners download the free iOS or Android app and create a profile for their pet, based on the dog’s age, breed and weight. PitPat suggests a daily activity goal to help owners keep their pet fit and healthy by making informed lifestyle choices.

Owners can view daily updates on their pet’s activity levels, noting how much walking, running, playing and resting they have been doing – and seeing a daily count of “calories burnt”.

The Kennel Club estimates between 30% and 60% of Britain’s 8.5 million dogs are obese, and rising annually.

PitPatReal-time data

Kenny Leitch, global connected insurance director at RSA, said: “There is no NHS for pets – we essentially provide private health insurance for dogs and, just like the human health care market, education and encouraging prevention of disease is paramount.

“The really clever element here is owners can, for the first time, use real-time data to monitor how their pet is behaving and how that might affect their health. This information is designed to help owners make smart decisions to prevent disease. We want to help our customers give their dogs the best and healthiest life possible.

“PitPat offers us a powerful and practical way of generating lots of secure and robust data about 200 breeds of dogs that is incredibly easy for us and valuable for our customers.”

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