The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is carrying out an audit of continuing professional development (CPD) for vets in order to monitor compliance and gauge what type of activities they are engaging in.

College to audit vets’ CPD compliance for first time.

Under the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct, introduced in 2012, vets are expected to undertake 105 hours of CPD during a rolling three-year period in order to demonstrate they are maintaining and advancing their knowledge and skills.

Nearly 5,000 vets – made up of three cohorts – have been asked to share their CPD records. The first cohort comprises 4,425 UK-practising vets who registered before April 1, 2012 but who did not confirm their CPD compliance upon renewing their registration this year.

The second cohort comprises a random sample of 400 vets who did confirm their compliance upon renewing their registration this year. The third cohort comprises 84 vets who graduated before 2012 but have not yet completed their post-graduation Professional Development Phase.

Christine Warman, RCVS head of education, said: “Since it is coming up to three years since we introduced the Code we thought that now is a good time to take stock of the proportion of veterinary surgeons that are fulfilling the requirement and how they are doing so.

“It is also a good time to remind members of the profession of the importance of CPD and that it is not just a tick-box exercise but vital for everyday practice. Engaging in CPD is a personal obligation for all veterinary surgeons and demonstrates to both the profession and public that they are continually advancing their capability and competence.

“This year we will be providing some guidance on what constitutes CPD and how to undertake it to those who are non-compliant. However, from 2015, we may also refer those who repeatedly fail to comply, or respond to requests to submit their records, to our Professional Conduct Department for further investigation.”

Vets selected to take part in the audit will have received letters in early November and will have until Monday, December 1 to respond. They can do so by either allowing the RCVS to view their online Professional Development Record (PDR) profile or by submitting their paper CPD record by post or by sending the College a scanned copy by email.

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