A rise in demand for pet cremation has led to the launch of a new crematorium in Gloucestershire.

More owners are requesting their pets are privately cremated with dignity in a dedicated pet crematorium according to Jason Cracknell, Cambridge Pet Crematorium (CPC) general manager.

Established in 1979, CPC is one of the UK’s oldest family-run pet crematoria and pioneered the concept of compassionate pet cremation.

To offer a more local service for pet owners and vets in the west of the country, CPC is opening the new Cheltenham Pet Crematorium next month (April). Mr Cracknell said: “When I was a child growing up in the country, our pets were buried in the garden.

“With smaller gardens and greater mobility, this is no longer an option for many. Working closely with vets we have seen a considerable increase in owners wanting more knowledge and involvement in how their beloved pet is cared for at the end of its life.

“We have dedicated bereavement advisers and run training courses for vets and veterinary nurses to help them prepare clients for bad news and support them. How a vet manages that relationship at a difficult time can make all the difference.

“CPC has been running its crematorium for more than 35 years and has built up a strong reputation in providing compassionate pet cremation services with veterinary practices nationwide; this has led to us opening the new facility in Tewkesbury to service the west of the country.”

The group designed the first cremation facility in the UK especially for animals and now receives pets of all types, from reptiles to equines. At the new centre, pet owners will be able to view their pet and say their last goodbyes in private surroundings.

CPC can organise a funeral service for the client, including flowers, or the vet can take care of the final arrangements and have the ashes returned for keepsake, scattering or interment.

CPC has also seen a rise in pet owners wanting to visit the crematorium before the time comes to see the facilities and to make arrangements.

Mr Cracknell added: “We operate an open door policy at our crematoria and positively encourage vets and their clients to come and see us. People are asking more questions and want to ensure they provide the best for their loving and loyal companions.”

The Cheltenham Pet Crematorium is to be officially opened at the end of April by farmer and television presenter Adam Henson.

For more information, visit www.cpccares.com

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