The Kennel Club (KC) is celebrating a successful year working alongside a Bedfordshire RAF team training dogs in the local community.

Throughout the summer, the KC’s Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme (GCDS) worked alongside RAF Henlow Dog Training Club to train local dogs and raise funds for the RAF Association’s Wings Appeal. So far the team has raised £1,400 for the charity appeal.

Now the KC will roll out the training scheme across more RAF stations during 2014.

KC secretary Caroline Kisko said: “The RAF Henlow Dog Training Club has been a great success. It has worked with the community to turn local dogs into good citizens and raised money for a wonderful charity.

“Now in its 21st year, the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme’s aim is to promote responsible dog ownership. Since it was founded in 1992, more than 450,000 pass certificates have been issued to dogs and their owners. With thanks to the RAF, Bedfordshire has a few more good citizen dogs.”

Commenting on the success of dog training in Bedfordshire, Cpl Marc Edgar said: “It’s a really worthwhile cause. One of the dogs, Daisy, was scared of heights and the training helped her overcome this problem. Now Daisy is able to go up and down stairs and hurtle around without fear. Another dog was very anti-social and even growled at family members, up to the point where they weren’t able to get into their house without having to lean against the wall. The dog has now become socially friendly thanks to the training.”

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