Six-month-old crossbreed Boo saved by vets at PDSA after she accidentally wolfed down toy intended as a joke between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

A black crossbreed puppy nearly died after eating a joke dog poo.

Boo with her owner Shelly and vet Stephan Hunt, holding the prize poo.Six-month-old pup Boo needed emergency surgery after she wolfed down the unsavoury snack, much to her owner Shelly Bryson’s horror.

The lifelike plastic object was planted by Miss Bryson’s boyfriend Martin in their house as a joke, but ended up falling foul of her sense of humour after Boo got her paws on it.

She said: “My daughter Reese accidentally dropped a bag of dog biscuits and they got mixed up with the fake dog poo that had been left on the floor. For some reason Boo decided to eat it and swallowed it down in one. I got straight on the telephone to PDSA as she had been sick and was refusing to eat and they told me to bring her in immediately.”

When examined at PDSA’s Dundee PetAid hospital, vets were able to feel a swelling in the dog’s abdomen and x-rays showed where the blockage was.

Vet Stephan Hunt said: “We were worried about Boo because if the object had moved into her intestines and caused a blockage she could have died.

Boo has now recovered from her unsavoury ordeal.“We gave Boo intravenous fluids to keep her hydrated and carried out emergency surgery to remove the object from her stomach.”

Miss Bryson said the family had been “worried sick” about Boo.

“I thought I was going to lose her. I’m so grateful to PDSA for saving her life. We can all laugh about it now but at the time everyone was very worried about her as they knew how serious it was.

“Needless to say we won’t be having any joke dog poo in our house again.”

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