The introduction of Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix from ECO Animal Health means vets and farmers can now use ivermectin as part of their standard control programmes for both internal and external parasites.

For many years ivermectin has been considered the premier endectocide for pigs but the pricing of the product resulted in vets and farmers reserving ivermectin premix for the control of external parasite infections.

Now, with the availability of the high quality generic ivermectin Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix from ECO Animal Health, vets and farmers can use ivermectin as part of their standard control programmes for both internal and external parasites.

In accordance with EU Regulations and to achieve EU approval, a bioequivalence study was required to compare the blood concentration levels of Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix with original branded ivermectin. The study demonstrated unequivocally that levels of efficacy and bioavailability were identical to those of the original ivermectin.

To ensure even distribution and accuracy of dosing, Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix is a free-flowing granular premix which is easy to administer, dust-free and minimises carry over through feed stuffs.
At below half the historical cost of the original pioneer product, Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix has increased accessibility to ivermectin enabling many farmers to access the benefits of improved pig health, welfare and return on investment. 

Used as a standard five-weekly growing pigs treatment to control both external and internal parasitic challenges, Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix offers producers the economic option for the control of roundworms, lung worms, lice and mange infections at the nursery/grower phase, resulting in ectoparasite-free pigs at finishing.

As a pre-farrowing treatment of sows and as part of a strategic programme to eradicate external parasites, Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix provides farmers with a highly effective choice which will help to guard against the development of resistant strains.

Oliver Duran, the European Technical Manager at ECO Animal Health said: “Resistance management is an important issue and we strongly recommend the rotation of anthelmintics, to preserve the effectiveness of the existing wormers and avoid the overuse of one class of wormer.

“Traditionally pig producers have relied on the benzimidazole-based anthelmintics but independent studies have confirmed the presence of nodular worm resistance to flubendazole and levamisole in Europe. To date no resistance in pigs has been detected to the macrocyclic lactones group – the group to which ivermectin belongs. We therefore recommend that farmers develop a strategic parasite control programme with their veterinary surgeon that includes rotation of the wormer classes and which includes the highly effective ivermectin treatments.”

Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix is available nationally through all vet practices, suppliers of premixes or feed compounders. For more information on local suppliers please call ECO Animal Health on 0208 447 8899.

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