An organisation that works with vets and pet owners to raise awareness of parasites is highlighting the dangers of toxocariasis this year.

Picking up and safely disposing dog faeces is key to toxocariasis control.

According to the UK and Ireland division of the European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP), the focus on the disease – caused by infection of zoonotic roundworms of dogs and cats – aims to raise awareness among the public to the risks of infection in a responsible way, while offering “practical preventive measures to help keep people safe”.

Initiatives underway, said ESCCAP, include contacting councils to help then with “bag it and bin it” campaigns for dog faeces, as well as regular press releases. It says the core of toxocariasis control remains:

  • promoting good hand hygiene – especially among children
  • covering of sandpits to prevent cats defecating in them
  • picking up and safely disposing of dog faeces
  • regular deworming of cats and dogs

Vet, parasitologist and head of ESCCAP UK and Ireland Ian Wright said he hopes the initiative will bring more clients into practice to discuss toxocariasis and deworming strategies.

“If practices need more information on toxocariasis, they can visit the ESCCAP UK and Ireland website,” he said. “It has free leaflets and materials to download, as well as worm control guidelines and a wealth of other useful information.”

For more information, visit ESCCAP’s UK website.

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