A request has been made for any out-of-date (by less than three years) vicryl or catgut for use at a neutering clinic in Bali.

Items are urgently needed to assist dogs in bali. Photo: Freeimages.com/Thiago Ardito.

The Webinar Vet, Anthony Chadwick, relayed the request on behalf of the neutering clinic organiser.

Mr Chadwick will be visiting Bali soon.

“If you have any and can get it to me before the end of the week, I will take it to Bali,” he said.

If you can assist, please send any out-of-date vicryl or catgut to: The Webinar Vet, 3TC House, 16 Crosby Road North, Liverpool L22 0NY, to arrive by 23 October.

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