The role of the veterinary nurse in managing the pain of osteoarthritis in ageing patients will come under the spotlight at BVNA Congress on Sunday, October 11.

A group of 39 Labrador retrievers continuously fed a Eukanuba diet were monitored over a 10-year period.

Stuart Carmichael will join Eukanuba to host a seminar that will also examine the importance of nutrition in longevity with reference to Eukanuba’s Long Life observation.

The observation, which began in July 2004, involved a group of 39 Labrador retrievers, monitoring their health and longevity when continuously fed a Eukanuba diet.

The company says the results of the 10 years of observations, conducted at the Pet Health and Nutrition Centre in Ohio, US were unprecedented.

Nearly 90% of dogs fed Eukanuba, together with appropriate care, lived beyond the breed’s typical 12 years’ life expectancy.

The study’s “Longevity Council”, a panel of internationally renowned vets, including Prof Carmichael, agreed the results demonstrated and redefined what successful ageing in dogs can look like.

At the seminar, Eukanuba’s veterinary training manager Kellie Ceccarelli will share details of the observation. Prof Carmichael will discuss osteoarthritis in ageing patients and the role the veterinary nurse plays in the care and treatment of ageing canines.

Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions and network with the speakers and other attendees.

The hour-long seminar will take place at 10.15am in Beckbury Room 2 at Congress. Anyone wishing to attend can register by emailing To find out more about the Long Life observation, go to

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