A number of organisations have produced and distributed a poster guide for milk producers on milk residues.

The British Cattle Veterinary Association – along with the National Office of Animal Health, Veterinary Residues Committee, Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture, DairyCo, National Farmers’ Union, National Milk Records, National Milk Laboratories and DairyUK – have produced and distributed the guide, entitled “Best practice to prevent medicine residues in milk”.

An updated version of the practical guide to avoiding milk antibiotic residues last produced in 2007, the poster has been in the process of being distributed to all registered dairy producers in Great Britain since March 10, 2014 with an expected completion period of four to six weeks.

The poster is preceded or accompanied by a postcard encouraging producers to “display the poster in a location that allows it to be used as a source of reference when treating milking cows with medicines”. It is also available to download in PDF form from the websites of the endorsing organisations.

For further copies of the poster, or the poster in other languages, contact the BCVA office via www.bcva.org.uk or email office@cattlevet.co.uk

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