NoroSeal, a 2.6g intramammary suspension, is the only teat sealant in Europe to contain a PVP-Iodine excipient, offering vets “a proven barrier against intramammary infections” during the dry period.

A new teat sealant containing a unique anti-infective ingredient has just been launched in the UK by Norbrook Laboratories Ltd.
According to the company, NoroSeal – a 2.6g intramammary suspension – is the only teat sealant in the market-place in Europe to contain a PVP-Iodine excipient. This unique formulation offers vets “a proven barrier against intramammary infections” during the dry period.
NoroSeal 2.6g intramammary suspension for cattle.Norbrook GB veterinary advisor Barry McInerney explained: “New bacterial infections occur most often during the first three weeks of drying off because the cow’s natural keratin plug is not completely formed. Indeed, approximately 50% of teat canals are still open for up to seven days after drying off.

“NoroSeal Teat Sealant will mimic the cow’s keratin teat barrier offering immediate protection against infection. Additionally, the anti-infective ingredient, PVP-Iodine, complements the effectiveness of the teat-sealant components in the teat canal barrier.”
It is estimated that the annual cost of mastitis to the UK dairy industry is in excess of £168 million with a single case of clinical mastitis costing farmers approximately £178.00 per cow.
Dr McInerney added: “Clinical mastitis is a costly business but one that can be avoided if timely action is taken. There are various treatments available for dealing with mastitis but studies have shown the risk of clinical mastitis may be reduced by up to 50% by using a combination of teat sealant and dry cow intramammary therapy.

“NoroSeal is therefore an ideal combination with Norbrook’s dry cow therapies such as Noroclox DC, Bovaclox DC Xtra and Bovaclox DC.”

  • NoroSeal is available in packs of 24 or buckets of 120 units.
  • A range of promotional material is also available to veterinary practices via the Norbrook sales team.
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