Durable and easy to carry, the Non Tip Feeder is designed to allow your horse to eat in the most natural position without losing feed or supplements to the ground.

The Non Tip Feeder is an highly effective non-tip feeding solution designed for stable and field use. 

Non Tip FeederDurable, easy to carry with no handles or rough surfaces it is designed to save you money and effort, while ensuring your horse eats in the most natural position but does not lose its feed or supplements to the ground.

According to the manufacturer, Non Tip Feeders help to guard against colic. The only thing horses are going to pick up while eating from their Non Tip Feeder is their food – no sand, dust, mud or stones, which is often the case when horses tip their feed buckets and root for their food from the ground.

According to Andrew Hine, the idea came out of desperation. He explained: “With so many ponies to look after and feed, I was fed up with seeing so much hard food and hay simply go to waste and so for the past couple of years we have devised and road tested this unique and simple feeding solution which is the answer to all our problems.”

Nick Evans added: “Non Tips are a Godsend and the product is a necessity, the most cost effective feeder on the market.

“We have extensively tried and tested the product and any horse that manages to overcome the product and will be rewarded with another free of charge, they are impossible to overturn!

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1 year 3 months ago

Can I order one of the non tip feed bucks ples

Vet Times
1 year 3 months ago

I’m afraid we do not sell these products ourselves, we are a publishing company.
Please use the contact details above to contact the company regarding purchase of the product.