Progesterone test will help identify the narrow window of opportunity for artificial insemination in canine breeding programmes.  

UK diagnostics development company, AgPlus Diagnostics, is to collaborate with New Zealand-based BioTest Diagnostics to develop a rapid test for canine progesterone.

The test will be used to pinpoint the narrow window for artificial insemination in canine breeding programmes.

Utilising the unique handheld AgPlus analytical technology, this quantitative test will allow breeders and veterinary practitioners to monitor breeding cycles closely on site to increase the likelihood of successful fertilisation.

The timing and length of canine heat cycles can vary between species, animals of the same species and even between cycles in the same animal, making it difficult to predict the ideal time for breeding. The egg also requires about two days to mature following ovulation, remaining fertile for just two to three days. 

In addition, whereas fresh sperm survives for five to seven days, frozen sperm straws are viable for less than 24 hours, which makes the window of opportunity for successful fertilisation extremely narrow.

Close monitoring of progesterone levels can help predict when the female is about to ovulate, when the egg is fertile, and the ideal time for insemination. Until now, the accurate quantitative measurements required for such monitoring have involved sending samples to the laboratory for analysis. 

This limits the number of tests that can be performed and incurs delays that can be problematic with such tight timescales.

With AgPlus technology, rapid, accurate and quantitative progesterone measurements will be obtained conveniently at the site of breeding, allowing tests to be performed as frequently as required and providing the best opportunity for successful fertilisation.

AgPlus chief executive officer Keith Page said: “The AgPlus technology platform is ideal for testing at the point of care where fast and reliable decision making is of vital importance. It has a wide range of potential applications and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to meet this need in the veterinary arena.”

To find out more, visit the AgPlus Diagnostics website at

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Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez
1 year 7 months ago

What is the price for the progesterone analyzer and is it available for order

Nigel Woodbine
1 year 7 months ago

We are unsure. Please contact AgPlus Diagnostics direct via or by calling +44 (0)1234 867 100.