MSD has extended its mastitis control range with the introduction of teat sealant Cepralock, which will complement its intramammary product Cepravin Dry Cow and wider dairy herd health portfolio.

Cepralock launch will be complemented with training.

Designed for use at drying off, with or without a dry cow intramammary antibiotic, Cepralock provides an inert barrier in the teat canal to significantly reduce the risk of bacterial infection of the udder during the dry period.

Cepralock is supplied in tubes with the option of short nozzles designed to help avoid the risk of teat damage and incorrect administration beyond the teat canal. The launch is accompanied by dry cow therapy training and a support programme for vets and their dairy farmer clients.

This will include diagnostics and data analytics and training will have a significant focus on correct administration and removal of teat sealant after calving, allowing vets to provide adequate reassurances to their clients around product use.

MSD Animal Health technical adviser Martin Behr said: “The potential return on investment for dairy farmers of correctly applied teat sealants is clear.

“A single case of mastitis is estimated to cost between £70 and £250 and the average UK dairy herd suffers 50 to 60 cases per 100 cows per lactation. A correctly applied dry cow therapy programme, including the use of teat sealants, will significantly reduce incidence of clinical mastitis, thereby providing a demonstrable return on investment.”

  • Cepralock teat sealant is available in packs of 24 tubes and 120 tubes.
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