Merial is set to launch Frontect, a spot-on solution for dogs that treats and prevents fleas and ticks while offering long-lasting repellency against ticks, sandflies, biting flies and mosquitoes.

With insecticidal and acaricidal properties, thanks to its combination of fipronil and permethrin, Merial claims Frontect provides vets with a new treatment option for dogs that offers broad-spectrum protection against ectoparasites.

Frontect kills fleas fast (within an hour for the first week and within six hours for a full four weeks), and the fact it not only kills but also repels ticks means the product fulfils one of vets’ top three prescription drivers for new products, according to results of a recent survey (Bio’Sat Vet Market Research, September 2014).

The repellent (anti-feeding) effect of Frontect prevents parasites from taking a “blood meal” and, as a result, vets and pet owners can feel confident they are helping to protect dogs from the vectors of severe canine diseases – including leishmaniasis, dirofilariosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis and borreliosis – whether travelling within the UK or abroad.

Frontect is administered topically in two out-of-reach spots, on the neck and between the shoulder blades of the dog.

Brand manager Lynda Maris said: “Frontect is ideal for active, outdoor dogs and travelling dogs at risk of exposure to ticks and vector borne diseases.” 

  • Frontect will be available from May 2015 in five different weight ranges to suit all dogs.
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