Vets wanting to prescribe preventative doses of omeprazole can now do so, following the launch of the new single tube pack of GastroGard from Merial Animal Health.

GastroGard dispensing pack

The launch of the single tube gives vets more flexibility in helping owners to prevent gastric ulcers, says equine marketing and technical manager Louise Radford.
She explained: “In the past vets have needed to prescribe a seven day treatment pack, however the single tube option provides a convenient prevention dose solution at one quarter of the normal treatment dose, for horses known to be at risk of developing the condition, such as when travelling and in competition.”
To help with storage Merial is also offering a dispensing pack for vets, which – until December 15, 2014 – will come with an additional tube free-of-charge.
The single pack follows the launch of the educational GastroGard Blippar app in May 2014.
Louise added: “There’s a whole host of services that GastroGard stockists benefit from, including the dispensing pack itself. Via Blippar the GastroGard pack provides a wealth of educational information and management tips for owners post prescription.
“In addition clients can sign up for the owner SMS reminder and event notification services. All help keep the issue of gastric ulcers in the minds of horse owners in combination with the proactive approach of their vet.”
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