Virbac has introduced Deltanil, a deltamethrin-based pour-on solution indicated in dairy and beef cattle for use against flies and lice with a zero milk withdrawal period.

Virbac’s award-winning Deltanil packaging.

Also effective in sheep against ticks, lice, keds and blowfly strike and against lice and ticks in lambs, Deltanil is presented for use via an innovative Farmpack and Flexibag dispensing system, which were jointly awarded the 2014 PharmaPack Award for Innovative Packaging.
The Farmpack is a light, robust backpack which holds a 2.5 litre Flexibag of Deltanil solution, sufficient for the treatment of 250 cattle. The Flexibag is a flexible, multi-layered, multi-component bag designed to protect and preserve medication, giving Deltanil a unique two year proven stability period after opening.

The Farmpack’s E-lock system offers a secure connection between the Flexibag and the dispensing gun hose, reducing the risk of leakage.

Brigitte GoasdufVirbac’s product manager for large animals, said: “With the launch of Deltanil, we are offering a new approach to product application, one which is ideally suited to the practical conditions on farm and which addresses the challenges often faced in using pour ons.

“We believe that Deltanil, with its zero milk withdrawal period for dairy cattle and sheep and innovative Farmpack and Flexibag dispensing system, sets a new standard for products of this type.”
  • Deltanil offers a “convenient approach” to administration with a 10ml dosage per cow, irrespective of weight, and is presented in two sizes – the 2.5 litre Flexibag and a 1litre dispensing bottle.
  • The dosage per sheep is 5ml, irrespective of weight, with a 2.5ml dosage for lambs.
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