A change of licence means that vets can now administer the newgeneration NSAID, Previcox, for the relief of post operative painassociated with soft tissue, and orthopaedic surgery in dogs.

Mark Riggs, Veterinary Technical Advisor for Merial said: “Previcox (firocoxib) is now licensed for the relief of post operative pain. Oral Previcox can be administered starting two hours prior to surgery and has a rapid onset of action reaching peak plasma levels within 90 minutes. The palatable tablet can be given without food and is a realistic option which should be seriously considered when choosing pain relief for surgical patients.

“Containing the active ingredient firocoxib Previcox is also highly COX-2 selective, being 380 times more selective for COX-2 than COX-1. As a result, it offers a highly desirable efficacy and safety profile which is particularly beneficial in cases which have gone through the additional stress of surgery.

“The recently published study by John P. Punke et al strengthens the evidence reinforcing the benefits offered by firocoxib. The research evaluated the in-vivo effects of firocoxib, meloxicam and tepoxalin in target tissues of dogs suffering with chronic osteoarthritis.

He explained: “Eight dogs were used in the cross-over study and each dog received each of the treatments (and a placebo) for seven days, with an appropriate wash out period in between. Firocoxib significantly reduced inflammatory mediators within blood and synovial fluid at all time points, whereas meloxicam only showed a significant reduction compared to baseline values at day four.

“With evidence demonstrating the speed of the anti-inflammatory effect of firocoxib, it may be time for vets to reconsider their post operative pain management. Previcox can be administered orally prior to surgery and can be given once daily for up to three days post operatively. For orthopaedic surgery this treatment schedule can be extended after the first three days upon judgement of the attending vet.”

For further information contact your local territory manager or call the Merial Customer Support Centre on 0845 601 4236.

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