A faster, more affordable and accessible PCR system has been released that can easily be used in the clinic or lab – and give results within an hour.

The PCRun Molecular Detection Kit is fast and doesn’t need expensive equipment such as a thermocycler to operate

The PCRun Molecular Detection Kit from Biogal doesn’t require expensive equipment such as a thermocycler to operate – you simply purchase the kits.

Biogal says PCRun is intended for the qualitative detection of pathogenic species of leptospires only – non-pathogenic serovars will not be amplified with this kit.

The high sensitivity of PCR permits earlier detection of acute infections, even before the onset of disease. Such early detection gives vets a significant lead-time in treatment.

The kit was tested on 63 bovine samples at the OIE Leptospira Reference Laboratory, Veterinary Sciences Division, AFBI, in Belfast. Sample material included urine and kidney biopsies collected from bovine experimentally infected with L. hardjo, as well as kidney cells.

No false positive results were observed in all 63 samples tested, with Biogal reporting an excellent correlation between real-time PCR and PCRun reactions.

Results of the study and a list of serovars tested with PCRun can be received from Biogal. Visit www.biogal.co.il/products/pcrun

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