A clinical study by Israeli firm RegeneCure shows how bone fractures treated with its new regenerative membrane heal approximately 40% quicker than normally observed using current standard of care therapies.

A clinical study has shown regenerative membrane implant technology can produce successful results in the treatment of bone fractures.

RegeneCure membrane.Biomaterials company RegeneCure conducted the study which showed that healing time was about 40% quicker than normally observed using current standard of care therapies. The product was also demonstrated to be safe in all of the study participants.

Michal Limor from RegeneCure said: “The healing time for animals treated in the participating clinical study sites with injuries that normally take from five to twelve  months was in many cases reduced to just eight weeks.”

The multi-centre trial – conducted at leading veterinary clinics in England, Germany and Israel – included 35 mature dogs and cats with different  bone fractures including delayed healing and non-union conditions.

RegeneCure chief executive Moshe Tzabari said: “The outstanding safety and efficacy results and additional data collected from pre-clinical studies will enable us to proceed with a human clinical study in the near future.”

The company claims the membrane can reduce the use of bone grafting and bone graft substitutes currently used in standard procedures.

It also claims the membrane is suitable for a large range of fresh or delayed long bone fractures, large bone defects and craniofacial conditions characterised by delayed or lack of bone healing due to bone deficit.

RegeneCure’s regenerative AMCA membrane Implant is cationic and has a microporous surface that facilitates adherence of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) recruited to the injured site through a signaling mechanism known as chemotaxis.

Due to its osteoconductive stimulation, the membrane optimises proliferation and differentiation of the MSCs into bone tissue in the area of need.

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