Bayer Animal Health has recently obtained two new licensed indications for its antiparasiticide, Advocate.

Bayer Animal Health has recently obtained two new licensed indications for its antiparasiticide, Advocate.

  • The first relates to the product now being licensed for the treatment of Crenosoma vulpis using a single dose.
  • The second is that in addition to the existing treatment of Angiostrongylus vasorum claim, Advocate is now indicated for its prevention, using monthly spot-on applications. 

Angiostrongylus vasorumThis comes at a time when independent market research conducted over the past two years shows that vets are diagnosing Angiostrongylus vasorum at an increasing rate.
Figures for 2010 place the incidence of vets who have confirmed cases at 37%, more than double the 16% confirmed in 2008, with a further 19% of vets reporting suspected cases.
A Bayer Animal Health spokesperson said: “Veterinary surgeons are now in a position to offer their clients a proactive solution to dealing with this parasite. The prevention claim is timely considering the increase in the diagnosis of Angiostrongylus vasorum in the UK.”
Due to the increase in cases of A.vasorum, Bayer Animal Health’s “Be Lungworm Aware” consumer focused campaign, launched in 2009, is receiving further investment in the form of an educational local and national radio campaign to gain UK wide coverage.
The public information style advert will be aired throughout October, warning dog owners of the dangers associated with the parasite A.vasorum, and urging them to stay vigilant for signs their dog may be infected.
The Bayer spokesperson added: “Through the combined efforts of Bayer and the veterinary community, we have seen the dog-owning general public’s awareness of this parasite increase over the past two years. We hope the radio campaign will further help dog owners to understand this condition and speak to their local veterinary surgeon for further advice if concerned.”
Veterinary staff can also direct clients who wish to learn more about lungworm to
For more information on Advocate, vets can contact their Bayer sales representative or telephone Bayer on 01635 563000.

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