Purina is set to launch the inaugural Feline Dental Health Month in the UK, in an attempt to help practices educate cat-owning clients about the importance of dental health.

The initiative will run throughout July, during which time participating practices will be offering their cat-owning clients free dental health checks to help improve the health of feline patients, build client loyalty and boost revenue.
Feline dental disease is estimated to affect around three quarters of cats over the age of three, making it the most prevalent health condition seen amongst pet cats. Often painful and with the capability to cause systemic problems, dental problems in cats can represent a serious welfare problem if left untreated.

However, as many cat owners are unable or unwilling to check their cat’s mouth and teeth due to the discreet nature of their pet, they rely on their vet to highlight potential problems. 

To help practices promote the initiative to clients, a comprehensive support pack has been developed, which includes: 

  • visually engaging waiting room promotional materials
  • client care leaflets with money off coupons
  • a step-by-step publicity plan so they can easily promote the month in their local media and via their existing communications channels

According to Purina, practices that sign up to the initiative will benefit from more contact with a client group that is potentially less engaged with their pet’s health and also attract new clients via the promotional activity, ultimately providing an increase in opportunities to discuss other common health concerns with their clients and offer the potential to boost sales of products and services.

Chris Nickson, senior brand manager, Purina Vet Channel, said: “Feline Dental Health Month promotes the idea that prevention is better than cure. To avoid more serious procedures that can put stress on the owner and cat, Purina advocates ongoing management of dental hygiene. Our veterinary support packs provide everything a practice will need to have a very successful Feline Health Month.”

  • Practices can sign up to Feline Dental Health Month for free. Simply speak to your Purina representative or call the Pro Plan vet helpline on 0800 032 6418.

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