A new range of super premium dog food has been launched in the UK to meet demand for a healthy human quality pet food.

A new range of super premium dog food has been launched in the UK to meet demand for a healthy human quality pet food. The Canine Cook range is also one of the first dog foods in the UK to contain Verm-X a natural herbal compound to control internal parasites.

The new highly nutritional and hypo-allergenic food has been developed by a family of life-long dog lovers after their 14-year-old golden Labrador, Gemma, died from a liver condition believed to have been caused by eating high cereal content traditional dog food. The same condition also affected their 13-year-old Labrador Brandy, spurring owner Peter Speed into action.

Peter Speed and BrandyMr Speed carried out in-depth research into the content of dog food and discovered allegations that many brands were unhealthy and contained poor quality ingredients. He linked up with the largest super premium pet food manufacturer in Europe to develop his own recipes containing natural high quality ingredients which contain no artificial additives or flavours.

In addition the recipes contain a range of health foods such as sunflower oil, linseeds, seaweed, green tea and natural compounds to promote healthy and supple joints. The Canine Cook range also contains Yucca to reduce or eliminate flatulence and stool odour.

Now the first three super premium products are available under the distinctive The Canine Cook brand. They are Puppy + Verm-X, Salmon and Potato + Verm-X and Lamb and Brown Rice. All three sell in 12kg packs with a retail price of £29-£39.

Verm-X has been used for many years to successfully control internal parasites in horses, dogs, cats, birds and farm animals but it is believed this is the first time it has been used in a premium dog food.

Mr Speed, whose 1st Class Pet Food company is based near Grimsby, Lincolnshire, said: “We believe this is a unique product which will provide genuine health benefits to dogs. Dog owners will be able to protect their pets from internal parasites and save money on worming treatments as well as avoiding giving their pets chemicals – while also providing them with a high quality nutritional diet.”

He added: “I think many dog owners would be shocked if they knew just how much harm they may be causing to their pets through giving them traditional foods with high contents of beef and cereals. I have had dogs all my life and I had no idea of the dangers of traditional pet food until my dogs fell ill and I carried out research into their diet. Although it was too late for Gemma, my second dog Brandy was able to make a full recovery within weeks of changing to the new diet.”

The Canine Cook range is being distributed to independent pet food stores, garden centres and farm shops across the UK. Further information can be obtained at www.thecaninecook.com or email sales@thecaninecook.com.

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