A new alcohol-free hand sanitiser has beenlaunched in the UK, which could be the first line of defence against the spread of swine flu, according to its Canadian manufacturers.

Regular hand washing is recommended by both the WHO and the NHS as oneof the most effective ways of controlling infections or using a handsanitisers, such as Soapopular, when soap and water are notavailable.

The active ingredient in Soapopular is an ammonium compound calledBenzalkonium Chloride (BAC) at a strength which clinical research showsdestroys 99.9% of germs in 15 seconds including avian flu, SARS,influenza A2 and H1N1 virus.

Steven Orrett, CEO of Soapopular inc, based in Toronto, Canada, said:”The best defense [against H1N1] is proper hand hygiene and handwashing – where water is not present or available, using Soapopular isthe best option for not only killing germs that you come in contactwith, but stopping the spread of viruses and infectious diseases.”

Soapopular is available in 100 ml and 250 ml bottles or as a unique pendispenser, which dispenses a minimum of 100 sprays. Available fromindependent pharmacies and on line from www.soapopular.co.uk

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