A new small-dose syringe designed to protect vets and paediatric oncologists from dangerous chemotherapy treatments has been launched.

Equashield, provider of closed system transfer devices (CSTD) for hazardous drugs, announced the launch of the SU-1, 1ml closed system syringe unit at the Veterinary Cancer Society Mid-Year Conference in Asheville, North Carolina.
The syringe was designed for use by veterinarians treating cancer in animals, as well as for paediatric care by oncologists.
Board certified veterinary oncologist and medical director of veterinary oncology services Joseph Impellizeri said: “With our smaller patients, such as cats and small dogs, the 1ml closed syringe system allows safe and effective treatment with the smaller chemotherapy doses needed for the treatment of their cancer.”
“The addition of this system to existing Equashield product continues to prioritise a culture of safety with chemotherapy administration in veterinary medicine.”
Like the other products in Equashield’s line, the SU-1 is a CSTD with closed pressure equalisation and “dry” connectors integrated into a unique syringe. The encapsulated syringe barrel prevents plunger contamination and accidental disconnections. 
The pre-assembled syringe connects with a single motion to corresponding adaptors for vials, IV bags and tubing.
Equashield product manager Marino Kriheli said: “Unlike larger syringes, the 1ml syringe faces extreme pressure even when minimal force is applied. Therefore using a CSTD with effective closed pressure equalisation is 
essential to prevent exposure to the drug and its vapour.”
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