Change is on the way for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and new CEO Nick Stace has made it clear he will be “in the driving seat of reform”. See his plans for the RCVS here…

Change is on the way for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and new CEO Nick Stace has made it clear he will be “in the driving seat of reform”.

Speaking ahead of yesterday’s RCVS council meeting (November 1, 2012) Mr Stace outlined his thoughts and experiences after two months in the post.

Change is on the way for RCVSHe claims the RCVS is “under-confident” and its staff are unclear about the college’s “mission in life”, but he is confident he can deliver the change needed to make it an organisation “we can all be proud of”.

He said: “I have the impression there is an appetite for change and I am confident I can carry out that change, especially after a very difficult time faced by the college.”

Mr Stace outlined a number of areas for immediate action, including a focus on the college’s much-beleaguered IT system and a wide-ranging consultation into the effectiveness of the RCVS as a whole.

Commenting on the college’s ethos he said: “I think this organisation is under-confident – both in terms of its staff base and its interactions with other organisations. It often finds itself on the back foot and I don’t think it needs to.”

Citing a story about the 1961 NASA space programme, whereby a janitor told reporters his job was to help put men on the moon, Mr Stace added: “We don’t have that sense at the moment of what our mission in life is.”

RCVS CEO Nick StaceThe CEO listed his six main themes for the future as:

  1. “We need to be clear about who we are as an organisation and be more confident about what we do.”
  2. “The consumer experience – some people don’t think we [the RCVS] has consumers but we do; the profession and the public who interact with us everyday… they should feel the process is fair and they have been treated well and we need to ensure we do that.”
  3. “We need to set stretch targets for ourselves.”
  4. “We will need to move away from our IT system – there will be a decision being taken next week about the format for that. It is effectively fit for purpose to do the job it needs to, but it does fall short of what we need.”
  5. “We need to encourage the spirit of greater innovation in what we do – there are things we could be doing and ambitions we could be setting that I think we have previously been a bit nervous about.”
  6. “We need to improve relationship between college staff and council.”

On the topic of college/council relations Mr Stace also stressed the need for a “new deal” between college executives and elected councillors, one that was open and honest and “does not deal in conspiracy theories.”

Concluding with a statement of intent and an appeal for cooperation, he said: “I will be in the driving seat of reform for this organisation and I want you to please help me with that in every way you can. When I get it wrong please tell me so I have the opportunity to get it right.

“I want this organisation to be one we can all be proud of – one that’s on the front and not the back foot and promoting the interests of the profession in everything we do.”

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