Officials at MSD Animal Health have announced the company’s intent to continue donating its Nobivac Rabies vaccine to British vet Luke Gamble’s Mission Rabies charity.

MSD AH have been donating Nobivac Rabies vaccine since 2013

MSD AH have already supplied more than 200,000 doses of the vaccine free of charge over the last two years. It has been used by Mission Rabies teams in intensive campaigns to vaccinate tens of thousands of dogs in rabies hotspots in India, Malawi and Sri Lanka.

A spokesman said: “MSD AH have been donating Nobivac Rabies vaccine for use in all the various Mission Rabies campaigns since they first started in 2013. This arrangement is planned to continue under an agreement between the two organisations which will shortly be signed.”

The announcement followed a visit to MSD’s Milton Keynes headquarters by New Forest vet Mr Gamble and members of his Mission Rabies team. Mr Gamble said he wanted to personally thank the MSD personnel responsible for producing the vaccine, and impress on them just how valuable their work was.

Following a presentation to staff Mr Gamble said he hoped he had inspired them and conveyed just how valuable and important their work was in helping eradicate the deadliest zoonotic disease in the world that’s 100 per cent fatal, and which kills 59,000 people a year – most of them children.
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