Virbac has introduced Buprevet – a new buprenorphine-based, injectable solution indicated for the potentiation of sedative effects of centrally-acting agents in dogs, and for use in cats and dogs as part of a multimodal approach to analgesia.

Buprevet extends Virbac’s well-established anaesthetic product range.

The launch of Buprevet extends Virbac’s well-established anaesthetic product range, which includes Medetor, Revertor and Vetflurane.

Buprevet’s presentation in a 10ml multi-dose bottle offers additional flexibility to practices; the vial can be broached up to 25 times and can be open for up to 28 days.

Product manager Sarah Walker said: “Buprenorphine is a potent, high affinity, synthetic opioid agonist which forms a key element of practice anaesthetic protocols and complements our existing anaesthetic range. Its potentiation effects means less sedation is needed in the pre-medication and in the anaesthesia, facilitating smoother recoveries with more comfortable patients.”

“Buprenorphine is a tried and trusted solution for analgesia in many practices. Buprevet can be given pre-operatively to allow analgesia during and after surgery. It works effectively as part of a pre-emptive approach to analgesia, alongside products such as Inflacam and Carprox in our NSAIDs range.”

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