MSD Animal Health hosted an industry summit aimed at understanding approaches to preventive health care in small animal practice.

University, Nottingham, CEVM, evidence-based
The summit is part of MSD’s practice consultations study with the CEVM.

The meeting, “New horizons in preventative health care”, brought together experts from practice, academia and industry to share insights into how the small animal veterinary community can improve preventive health care.

Practical tools

Jolian Howell, MSD marketing and technical manager, said: “Preventive health comprises many elements and one aim of this meeting was to examine some of those individually to see where the needs are, with a view to delivering practical tools that can help provide more effective preventive health care to pet owners.”

The meeting covered topics such as:

  • emerging threats in enteric infectious disease
  • leptospirosis and cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy research
  • vaccine use and protocols
  • consultations
  • disease surveillance
  • preventive health care in practice

Ongoing study

The summit is part of MSD’s continuing work in the preventive health care field, which includes an ongoing collaborative study into practice consultations with the Centre for Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine (CEVM) at the University of Nottingham.

John Helps, MSD senior technical manager, said: “The Nottingham study is one avenue to inspire some interesting approaches to structuring the consultation and to try to improve customer satisfaction; this meeting helped explore other areas we can work on.

“There is a lot of focus on diagnosis and treatment of disease, but perhaps one area somewhat neglected is best practice around preventive health care.

“I think many practices do this well, but there is certainly evidence for room for improvement in the way we communicate and speak about preventive health care.”

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