Two dwarf mongoose pups born at Chester Zoo have taken tiny steps into the outside world.

The youngsters – the smallest of all the African carnivores – were spotted exploring by keepers at the zoo. The pups, which have yet to be sexed, were born on September 8.  

Team manager Dave White said:

 “Now our new duo has started exploring they’re going to keep mum, dad and the rest of the dwarf mongoose group very much on their tiny toes.

“Dwarf mongoose are highly sociable animals, living in groups where each mongoose has a job to do. When a litter of young is born then the whole group helps to care for them, with females other than their mum even producing milk for them.

“They may be small but they’re a fascinating species and what they lack in size they certainly make up for in likeability.”

Native to Africa, the dwarf mongoose lives in woodlands, grasslands and rocky outcrops.

The species is related to meerkats. The arrival of the pups brings the number of dwarf mongooses at the zoo to nine but it’s too early for keepers to be able to tell if the pups are male or female.

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