Bobby was locked in the washing machine when a 60°C wash was started.
Bobby was locked in his owner’s washing machine when a 60°C wash was started.

A cat that got itself into a spin after getting stuck in a washing machine has been nominated for a PDSA Pet Survivor Award.

Nine-month-old Bobby climbed unnoticed in to the drum of the machine and made himself comfy among the washing. But the catnap quickly turned into a nightmare when owner Lisa Keefe turned the machine on to a 60°C cycle – unaware Bobby was inside.

Moments later Mrs Keefe, from Nottingham, heard a loud thudding noise – and realised Bobby was inside. She immediately stopped the machine.

Hid under duvet

Bobby with his owner Lisa Keefe and PDSA vet James Kellow.
Bobby with his owner Lisa Keefe and PDSA vet James Kellow.

She said: “Bobby has been known to climb into the washing machine, so I always try to keep the door shut and keep him away when adding a new load, and check inside before turning it on. On this occasion I had taken him outside, but he must have sneaked back inside when my back was turned and hid under the duvet.

“As soon as I heard the noise, I asked my husband Kevin where Bobby was. I rushed to the machine and could see the colour of his fur mixed in with the quilt. I was petrified and raced to get him out.”

‘Verge of collapse’

Bobby was taken to PDSA’s Nottingham Pet Hospital, where vets took him straight to the emergency room.

PDSA vet Tamsin Thomas said: “Bobby was on the verge of collapse as his body was soaked through and his temperature was dangerously low.

“We gently dried him out, kept him warm and gave him IV fluids to treat shock. We monitored him overnight, and within hours he had stabilised and was able to go home the next day.

“Bobby is very lucky. In my 15 years as a vet I’ve never seen a case like this and certainly never heard of a cat surviving a washing machine cycle.”

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