A transponder of diminutive proportions, created to help minimise stress and discomfort to pets during implantation, has been added to Virbac’s BackHome microchipping range.

The mini microchips are 8mm long compared to the standard 12mm and are made of pharmaceutical grade glass featuring an anti-migration coating.

Because of their more compact size, they can be implanted with a finer needle – 34% smaller than the standard needle.

Product manager Sarah Walker said: “Microchipping is the most effective way for owners to protect their pets and will soon become compulsory for dogs in England and Wales.

“Some owners are deterred from undertaking this important and simple procedure because they are concerned it may be painful.

“Because our new Mini Chips are smaller and implanted with a smaller needle, we hope practices will be able to reassure clients microchipping will not cause their pet discomfort – and the protection it offers will last a lifetime.”

Virbac has also announced a partnership with VetEnvoy a service that works with practice management software to enable pet and owner registration details for BackHome Mini Chips to be uploaded to the Petlog database.

Sarah added: “Our relationship with VetEnvoy will also spare enabled practices some of the administration time spent processing microchip details, and reduce the number of mistakes in registration and any resulting complaints.

“Client information on BackHome Mini Chips is stored on Petlog, the UK’s largest pet database, giving owners the best possible chance of being reunited with their pet, as long as they keep their registration details up to date.”
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