Experts on infectious disease from both the medical and veterinary sectors will gather in London this October for the UK’s first major ‘One Health’ conference.

The One Health Initiative aims to forge greater collaboration between human and veterinary medicine, and the event – called “One Health: Making a Powerful Concept Work for Infectious Disease” – the conference will feature speakers from both human and veterinary disciplines discussing issues such as infection control, antimicrobial resistance and the threats posed by emerging zoonotic diseases.  

Jointly organised by the Bella Moss Foundation (BMF) and the Royal Society of Medicine, the event will include speakers such as VMD chief executive Peter Borriello and Public Health England director Anthony Kessel, while the audience will include policy makers and clinicians together with researchers and academics from both human and veterinary medicine.

BMF president Jill Moss explained: “With antimicrobial resistance and updated protocols hitting the headlines regularly, our speakers will discuss the key issues. For instance, what exactly is the current status of antimicrobial resistance? How is it affecting our lives? What are the veterinary, medical and research professions doing to resolve the challenges we face – and how can they persuade policy makers to take a united stand on the issue?”

Conference committee president and BMF trustee Chris Laurence added:  “We are bringing together an exceptional programme of experts and policy makers in the sector of antimicrobial resistance from veterinary and human fields to discuss these important issues and start to reach a common understanding on the most effective way forward.”
Tom Keith-Welsh, president of comparative medicine network at the Royal Society of Medicine, said:  “Antimicrobial resistance is a global issue requiring education, information and action. The conference programme will provide anyone with an interest in antimicrobial resistance a current and rounded perspective on this important and pressing issue.”

  • The One Health conference will take place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on October 13, 2014.
  • Full details on the conference and how to register are available at
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