Movements of fish into, outof and within a fishery in Cambridgeshire have been restricted,following the confirmation of koi herpesvirus disease.

The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), acting on behalf of DEFRA, has issued a Confirmed Designation prohibiting the movement of fish into, out of and within the affected site.

Koi Herpesvirus disease affects all varieties of carp (Cyprinus carpio)The affected fishery is Long Island Lake, Earith, Cambridgeshire and the designation also includes nearby Earith Carp Lakes. Samples were taken from Long Island Lake following reported deaths of fish.

Koi Herpesvirus disease affects all varieties of carp (Cyprinuscarpio), including common carp, mirror carp, ghost carp and koi carpand can result in high rates of fish mortalities. There are noimplications for human health.

Under the requirements of the designation both fisheries have been directed to either, establish and maintain on-site facilities for the disinfection of angling equipment at all access points or, to provide anglers with nets, mats and slings for exclusive use on the affected fisheries. All anglers must comply with these requirements.

Koi herpesvirus disease is notifiable, any suspicion of its presence should be immediately reported to CEFAS on 01035 206700 or by emailing

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