The Kennel Club has spoken out to defend its stance on dancing with dogs following a front page story in the Sun newspaper that described the KC as “Heel Hitlers”.

The Kennel Club has spoken out to defend its stance on dancing with dogs.

A front page story in the August 20, 2012 edition of The Sun newspaper described the organisation as “Heel Hitlers” following comments made by club secretary Caroline Kisko.
The Sun newspaper described the Kennel Club as 'Heel Hitlers'.
In the article Mrs Kisko appeared to condemn certain dance moves involving dogs – including some of those used in the routine by 2012 Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh Butler and her dog Pudsey.

The story also claimed The Kennel Club had compiled a list of banned moves, but this is not the case. There have been amendments to the KC Heelwork to Music (HTM) regulations so that extreme moves that could result in injury are not allowed, but no “banned list” has been compiled.

And to get the message across the KC has joined forces with Ashleigh and Pudsey to promote fun and safe dance routines.

Mrs Kisko said: “We want new people to enjoy heelwork to music but this is a commonsense precaution to prevent novices from trying moves that they are not skilled enough to perform.

“Ashleigh clearly always puts the safety of Pudsey first as she has had years of practice, having started out as a young Kennel Club member years ago.”

Speaking about the new regulations Ashleigh said: “I am pleased The Kennel Club have reasserted how important training is for the good of dogs. As our experience shows, you have to work extremely hard as a dog owner to make sure the dog enjoys the performances. The dog’s safety and happiness is always paramount.”

Front cover image © The Sun, 2012
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