International Cat Care (ICC) has launched a “Keeping Your Cat Safe” campaign to educate owners about poisons, how they can affect cats and what to do in an emergency.

The campaign aims to educate cat owners about the dangers lurking in their homes and gardens. Photo credit: International Cat Care.

Launched in collaboration with the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and Agria Pet Insurance, the campaign will look at a variety of situations and products in the home or garden that could pose a threat to cats, how to minimise risk and what to do should an emergency arise.

Household products such as paracetomol and disinfectant are toxic to cats. Injuries can also be caused by falls, collars, traffic accidents and by cats eating things such as needles, rubber bands or wool. All of these aspects will be explored during the course of the campaign.

An ICC spokesman said: “Every year we hear shocking and distressing cases of cats being taken to the vets due to accidental posionings and injuries that happen in the apparent ‘safety’ of their own home or garden. Some cats will survive, especially if they receive veterinary treatment immediately, but for many the outcome is not so good.

“The key message of the campaign is prevention is better than cure and we hope the campaign will spread widely to help prevent needless suffering and promote faster recognition and treatment following poisoning or injury.”

As part of the campaign, in-depth advice on clinical signs, treatment and prognosis will be available for vets. The ICC website will offer advice on how to minimise risks, how to recognise the signs of poisoning and injury and what to do. 

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