Wood Green, the Animals Charity, has issued fresh advice for pet owners ahead of fireworks night.

Bonfire night doesn’t have to be fright night for pets.

A survey by a leading pet insurance company found the number of missing dogs was up 35% and the number of stray cats goes up by 25% on November 5.

Wood Green takes in many stray animals that have fled home in terror during fireworks season and has issued some simple tips to keep cats, dogs, horses and small furries safe and sound.

Wood Green vet Sam Barley said: “Many of the things you can do are simple and sensible – for example, make sure cats and dogs have a quiet safe place to retreat to, keep the television and radio on to distract them and give them plenty of treats and toys to distract them.

“Please make sure your dog and cat is identifiable with an ID tag and microchip, just in case they go missing during the night.”

For more details, visit www.woodgreen.org.uk/fireworks or follow @Wood_Green on Twitter and look out for the fireworks hashtag #safeandsound

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